FAQ - Frequently asked questions

An overview of the most frequently asked questions about our unique system.


You can use our system also as an app. You just need to have an active internet connection. This can be Wifi, 5/4/3g or a wired connection.
We can make certain modifications and adjust colors to make your bookingsystem match your corporate identity.
Yes, our system can use your own logo and email. This is something you can change yourself, but will already be done by us on inital setup.
Alot of frequent actions like for instance asking questions for extra info are already built-in to the system by the simple click of a button to send a mail. We also make use of a booking tracking system (which you arent obliged to use), so you can easly view each step already done or not done.
For now not, and due to the constant new features it will be very difficult to keep these up to date. This would also cause delays with each update due to the sheer number of translations that have to happen. On a long term view these will be available. If you do need another language, we can look at it together, or maybe you could translate yourself ?
This is a cloud application that is available 24/24, 7 days per week. We try to have an 99.9% uptime during the whole year.


There is no limit of the number of clients that can register.
If a person or company registers, some info is already automatically filled in when creating a booking. If it is a company you can also also created invoices and clients can download them.

Security & Privacy

You do not have to installing anything and everything is U hoeft niks te installeren en alles is secured according to the rules of art.
This application is fully GDPR compliant. We have a possibility to make personal data unreadable, without loosing the needed data for your statistics.
Yes the system uses cookies. These cookies do not contain any personal information and are not used for tracking purposes, but they are necessary to fill in forms.
Yes, every night we make a backup that we keep for 7 days.
We can undo this, but this is a payed extra. This is a complicated issue to tackle and requires some time.


This depends on the number of new functions we provide and the impact of those on the system. In case off any problems this is done as soon a possible.
No, the system is not useable during updates.
Most updates only take a couple of seconds and you most likely will not even notice we have performed an update.
After an update we always do extensive monitoring of the system. We can always return to the previous version instantly if it is needed, this allows us to solve the issues in a correct way.
You can always mail us with your ideas and we will have a look and if this new function is applicable to all our clients. When it is and we have the time to develop new functions, we will try to add your functions in an upcoming release.
We can always have a look at your needs. If applicable to all our customers this can be free. If this is a specific feature just for you we have to look at the impact on the whole system and we can develop it against a cost (this can be monthly or a 1 time fee).

Invoicing & bookkeeping

Yes, we have an easy way for you to create invoices for clients by simply selecting bookings.
This is not possible as we are not a bookkeeping application.
Yes you can adjust the number of each invoice (if needed), for instance when you also create invoices with other software.
We try to mimic your current invoices as good as possible. If this takes a long time to accomplish (due to the complexity of your invoice and additional cost may apply. But we need to have a look first at your current invoice.
We created an easy overview per month with your earnings which you can always use for your bookkeeping if wanted.
Yes you can print these invoices or you can download them.
With a simple press of a button you can send an invoice by email. We even have a possibility to send it to another person in that company, if needed.


The price per month can be found under pricing. For extra useage an extra amount can be charged, but that depends on the volume.
Yes, we work out a subscription based on your needs. But something lower then the lowest plan is not possible.
The number of booking is the total number of created bookings/quotes. So even if you erase booking, these still counted towards your quota.
These are the number of active drivers/employeers and partner that count towards your quota.
If you go just over your quota's by a small margin the system will not stop working. If the extra useage is only a tiny fraction no surplus will be charged.
You can do this by sending us a mail before your new invoice arrives for next month like stated in the agreement. Once the invoice has been created and sent, you will be able to use the system till the end of the next month.
You only pay per month, and we do not do refunds.
No, there is none. If you decide to quit using the system you can use it till the end of your period and we do not charge anything extra.
If you want we can give this to you. This can only be done till up 30 days after your cancellation, since your data will be erased. So if you decide to ever use the system again, accessing your older data is not possible.