Cookie policy

BookITWare from KDESoft gcv (after this named as "KDESoft") uses cookies to improve the use experience and to perform simple statistiscs about the useage.

What are cookies ?

A cookie is a small file that a website places on your phone or mobile device when you visit the site. Cookies make the interaction between the use and the website easier and faster.

How do we use cookies ?

We use cookies to improve the user experience. The information stored in the cookies is not used to identify yourself or to store info about you. The cookies BookITWare puts on your dveice are necessary for the inner workins of BookITWare. These cookies are not used for any other goals then described here and certainly not used to collect data.

Which types of cookies does BookITWare uses ?

  1. Required cookies

    These cookies are vital to the workings of BookITWare. Without these BookITWare will not function property.If you refuse these certain parts will not function properly and you will not be able to fill out forms.

  2. Functional cookies

    The functional cookies are used to improve the user experience on BookITWare. They store user preferences.

  3. Performance and analytics cookies

    This site also uses Google Analytics. Through cookies information is collected about how the site is used with the intention to improve BookITware and to adapt it more to the users needs and to improve the user experiences. There is a cookie to track the number of unique visitors and a cookie to collect the pages most visited.

  4. Third party cookies

    BookITWare can also contain elemnts from others, 3rd parties, like videoservices, social media buttons.

Our own cookies do not contain any personal data, no tracking info what so ever and can not be used to collect peronal data, they are merely used to improve the user experience. We can not guarantee this for cookies from 3rd parties. But we ensure you we will try to prevent the use of 9214parties.

How can you read more about cookies

More about this you can read on

Refuse cookies or erase ?

Through your browsersettings you can refuse and or delete our cookies at any moment. This means that on every visit you will have to choose your settings again and some parts of the site will not work (or not properly).


KDESoft can change this policy at any time it pleases. The changes will be displayed on this page.