Share data with the Chiron platform.

Our software will make it easy for you to share your bookings with the Chiron platform.
As of 1 January 2020 you are obligated by law to share you data on the Chiron platform.

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How does this work on our platform ?

    We have 2 ways to complete your registration with Chiron
  • with a ride that is ordered up front, your driver just have to click 2 buttons in our special "on the way" mode, which makes it very easy to register
  • if you use our "quick registration" mode, your your driver can also click 2 buttons to register your ride, afterwards you can complete your data, but that isn't mandatory
    First we need to follow the Chiron registration procedure
  • you log on to Chiron and get your keys (we have a manual for this and can assist you)
  • we test those keys
  • you make 5 rides and we send those to the Chiron platform
  • you log on again on the Chiron platform and ask your production keys


It can be this easy


Contact us if you want to work with our platform. This is possible by clicking on "contact us" or by calling us +32 479 83 92 14. If occupied we will call you back as soon as possible.