Booking software
for taxi's & airport transport

Taxi and airport transfer booking online  software, control your bookings and save time
Online administration system for all your bookings in the taxi and airport transport sector with optional Chiron registration.
You only need a cellphone or a tablet in your car(s)! By a press on a button you can send your data to the Chiron platform without any expensive installation.



Thanks to our cloud solution, you can make use of the system 24/7 all year long, on your computer, cellphone or tablet.


We provide chiron integration and your own website can include our bookingform.


Our software also works on tablets an cellphones as an app, without any installation. The only thing you require is an internet connection.


Easy administratoin off your vehicles, driver, bookings with a trackingsystem for your drivers and clients.


All you data from booking, clients, drivers and other are 100% securily stored and we are fully compliant with GDPR.


Our uniquer partnersystem lets you cooperate with other companies, even if they do not use our system.

Service state

The driver can automatically generate his service state

Proof of transporation

The proof of transporation paper is automatically generated for each ride, so it can be sent


Easy invoicing to companies just by selecting bookings with follow ups and reminder mails.


Save on printing and take care of the environment. Off course you can still print, but everything you can call with the click of a button.


Save time with an automatic agreement, you just let the client sign and have an agreement. You can print this agreement or show it to the authorities directly.


With the ingreation of Waze and Google maps you can switch with 1 click directly to Waze or Google Maps.


Alls bookings can be tracked from the start, confirmations from clients, drivers and partners. Avoid discussions.


The system can calculate the price/duration automatically through Google Maps.

Free updates

Our booking system for taxis receives regular updates and new functionalities. These are free of charge and included with the service we supply.


Always have a clear view about your income and rides with our charts.


Our application is very easy to use, so you will save a lot off time


Do you regularly need signs ? We provide these in different formats, or you can use your own custom signs.

Waze and Google Maps integration

  • Start waze or Google maps with 1 click
  • Automatic routes
  • Calculate distance and duration
  • Avoid traffic jams and be on time

Chiron Integration

  • Fullfill all your obligations towards the government
  • Completely automated Chiron platform handling
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We have a fixed price, that you can find just below. You know up front how much this will cost you, we do not take any commission on your rides unlike others. Prices are always on a monthly basis and without VAT.


For the smaller company

125 bookings/month

4 users

150 MB storage

10 partners




For the average company

225 bookings/month

6 users

200 MB storage

15 partners



For big volumes

400 bookings/month

10 users

250 MB storage

20 partners



more or less

+400 bookings

-65 bookings


no problem

? €

If you have more bookings/users we can always make a customized plan, we can make that happen. In case you use a larger volume then your current plan the service will not stop working and you can just continue.

Automate a part of your work with our soluction for taxis and airport transport and fullfill your chiron registration duties.


Do you wish to have a demo ? Do you need more info ? Contact us and lets talk about what we can do for you.

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